Thursday, 14 October 2010

Three Fold Existence.

For the last 15 years I have been studying in depth the behaviour of people, from instinctive, threat response to hierarchy through to meditation and  healing. It has been an interesting decade and a half and I have begun to share my thoughts with other like minded people.

It seems that a well balanced creature has three distinctive sides to their existence. The body, the mind and the spirit. When these are in tune with each other, remarkable achievements can be made. In my own unique way I will try to offer an explanation of these aspects.

The Body: I see this as not only the physical, but also the instincts and sub conscious that drive for self preservation. On a darkened night the body is very much the creature that will jump at that sound in the shadow and when alone will look for threat around every corner. It will be the gut feeling or instinct that will look for, food, comfort and the protection found within the company of other bodies.

The Mind: The mind should be the voice of reason, understanding and intrigue. The mind can help control and calm the body but is often slower in its response due to the involvement of conscious thought. In the night it is the mind that provides reason and reminder to actions. The slower assessment of advantage and disadvantage to the path taken and the potential rewards and dangers. It is worth mentioning that the mind can be subject to the instincts of the body and subconscious, in a bad situation this can result in flawed reasoning and poor choices.

The Spirit: The spirit is harder to define, on many levels it seems to be a sense of connection that goes beyond conscious thought or un-conscious response. One of the ways I think of the spirit would be the sense of connection that is felt when looking into the night sky and comprehending the vast size and presence of life, time and space. To be in touch both with your body, mind, the surrounding trees and life forms through to the vast expanse of earth, stars and space. The sense of time, both present past and future and your existence within it. The spirit can flood the mind and provide overwhelming sensations but can also be pushed back from the reasoning of the mind by a single conscious, questioning thought.

From my point of view it is sad to see that many people are unbalanced. Many live and sense the world bodily. Instincts drive them to grab what they can, to control and survive. Exhibitionism and evolution within the species. Happiness is often achieved by these people in a diluted form much like a short acting drug. Once it has worn off they will look for another conquest to fill their instinctive needs.

Luckily I do seem to happen upon others who have a more balanced approach, for these people I will do what little a twenty first century serf can. Even if it is only to wish a safe journey to a fellow wanderer.

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