Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Craftsman

Look at any surviving historical element and you are likely to see the work of a craftsman. Often it stands out like a shining example of artistry, care and attention. Mass produced components and materials seem to have taken over from the skill of the maker in recent years, however I don't doubt that there will be a time when the skill and artistry of a careful hand will be required once oil becomes too expensive to transport cheap mass produced goods.

A good maker will use the skill of the hand, the knowledge of the mind and will embed spirit within an item (the nature of the material itself, the form of the item and the influences of the maker) to breath life & meaning into it.

Created with care, attention and purpose the item gains significance way beyond that of cheaply mass produced items and the owner is more likely to feel a bond that will enrich their life.

I treasure the work of artists, crafters, musicians, writers, poets and anyone else who truly involves themselves with the spirit of creation. Through them we may learn to live more fulfilled lives with fewer more valued possessions.

(thanks to Ginny for inspiration with this post)

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