Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sorrow, Desire & a Cry of Understanding

When I first began blogging I sent time reading sites to pick up hints. One site mentioned a blogger should not apologise for not posting for a while and simply carry on with new posts. I am going to happily break that rule now and make that apology. I often have difficulty with internet connections here and when I am heavily taxed with work it becomes difficult to get time to combine my thoughts with the ability to get online. However, I always carry on with my observations and store them safely until I get chance to put them here for those who may take the time to read.

For those who visit and persevere with reading The Quiet of Night you have my thanks.

Since my last post I have witnessed many beautiful things and also seen the darker side of life too. I was looking forward to putting down words and a sketch to paint a scene but a simple notice has drawn my attention and my anger.

A village close to me has always been prone to the attention of developers, the prospect of changing land from rural use to the built environment has always drawn them. Yet again they are attempting to change the quiet English lands to a fattened bank balance and the chance to run away with a hefty profit. The usual games are being played where the developer appoints local "business people" to promote their cause or as I would prefer to think of it "30 pieces of silver". I have seen the games played many times before and many times the outcome shows the developer or owner heading for new homes well away from the development and ruined lands to enjoy their ill gotten gains. The investors recruited by their agents will be similarly disassociated, success will be measured by a figure within a bank balance and the prospect of pointing to a name within a brochure as an area of safe investment and standing. The natural history and importance of the rural lands can so often take second place.

Once again I find myself looking into the planning policies and guidance to put together a reasoned argument to stand in the way of such greed. As always I will do my best, there are many creatures and existences unable to stand up and make themselves heard in such an arena so I will do what I can to let them speak through me. I only wish more people would see such things and have such considerations.

No doubt I will take the time to update things here as time passes. I hope you find a quiet peace and stability where you are and are away from such matters.

Fond regards