Sunday, 20 January 2013


Hidden beneath a green tarpaulin and sitting quietly between two buildings crafted from the woodland,  a small tractor waits silently in Sunday repose. Other trailers are dotted around but sit empty in the quiet grey winter light. These little machines and components seem capable of remarkable feats of hard work when in the hands of the woodland staff. They also are simple enough for a mechanic to repair and service as needed.

Simplicity and a little hard work are values I appreciate but sadly seem to fall by the wayside in the promotion of big business where apparent efficiency is king. Within the evening world of television it often does not take long until you can happen upon a channel sensationalising the work of American logging companies (or their counterparts in other countries), vast machines costing hundreds of thousands tear into the hillside trees on a strict timetable based on matching repayments. Breakdowns cost big money both in specialists mechanical engineers bills and time lost. Once working again the environment becomes battered and scarred under the assault, the operator has lost time to catch up and the over ambitious company owner no doubt looks at their spreadsheets of profit against loss. But there are likely winners to the situation, these as always are the financiers.

For me, I prefer the simple approach. Time for people to work within nature with a little mechanical assistance to make the job easier seems a far superior way for someone to enjoy a working day and learn a little more about the world around them.

Perhaps simple is not only underrated, but is also not understood by those who seek only money, unless of course it relates to a scheme of returns on money loaned.


  1. ...deep into the even-song ~ as i sit with awe ~ reverence ~ and ~ wonder ~ i listen to the rustle of silver clad leaves ~ singing ~ mournful tunes along with the mistletoe ~ and i ponder: however did such blarney ~ find it's way ~ into the hearts of the nations ~ but then ~ i sort of can see ~ most of us ~ have in some way ~ contributed to this folly ~ but time ~ oooooooooooooOoh ~ precious time ~ may lay waste to the chicanery... ...slowly ~ as awareness sets in ~ and the importance of compliment ~ shifts and sways the masses ~ this may just be ~ the key and salvation of the earth... ...blessed be ~ dear gentle brother...

    1. I hope so, I would like to think that in time others would see the wider picture and the depth of value of the woodland realms. Maybe then we would meet more new friends on our wanders and share more tales and knowledge.
      Thank you as always for calling in Samantha, I send you my best wishes :o)

  2. Very Powerful post! You are such an incredible writer too.!Deep appreciation for all that you share and shine light upon!
    PS: your blog backdrop/ and all of your art is magnificent!

    1. Thank you Victoria, your encouragement is greatly received and it is a delight to call in on your blog for a glimpse into the wonderful experiences you have and share.
      The backdrop is a sketch based on a photo from Lloyd Kahn's blog (he was kind enough to let me work from it), I am glad you like it. If you have time, you might like to call in on his blog. Like you, he too seems to have a good eye for sights and experiences to bring colour and flavour to a few moments sitting infront of a computer screen.
      My thanks for you visit and kind words.