Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Columns of Silver Light

In some ways walking off into the darkness feels a little like turning my back on society for a while. Today I could feel my mood dropping as various minor incidents seemed to get under my skin and make an annoyance of themselves.

Once out in the night I began to reconnect with the bigger picture and feel a little more at ease. Again I was treated to a starlit night with little breeze, as I walked a shooting star flew overhead. A little further along the walk I stood close to a tree with a Tawny Owl calling into the night and in the darkness I could make out the sight of the trunks of silver birch, standing like columns of silver light.

Sometimes it seems that my batteries need recharging, and for me this is my place to do it. Some will use an experience at a theatre or cinema, for some it will be a meeting with like minded friends. I often have to remind myself of a meditation technique to help me through the dreary points of a day. I will share it with you here just incase it is of some use.

Bring to mind a fond memory or perhaps a picture or object that reminds you of a joyous moment in your life. For a short while let the moment fill your mind, then allow your mind to focus on the feeling itself, hold the essence or spirit of that feeling and allow it to grow as it needs to.

To me the mind seems to move in spirals, upwards or downwards. The trick seems to be recognising the point when the mind is sinking and change things yourself by taking that walk or quiet moment to reverse it without waiting for things to improve by luck or circumstance alone. Otherwise this can make for a very long wait.

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