Saturday, 2 October 2010

Rising Mist in a Clearing

For most of the day I watched it pouring with rain from my office window. As the night drew in the sky turned an amazing grey purple colour, finally as the light was failing I noticed the first signs of the sky clearing. I often enjoy walking in the rain but at times it is more practical to undertake my wanders in the dry to prevent the dogs from becoming soaked. I took this opportunity and headed out in the last of the rain in the direction of the woodlands.

Despite being very wet underfoot and a few of the paths becoming difficult underfoot the walk was enjoyable. As I reached a familiar clearing I looked up to see a clear night sky, the moisture that had soaked into the vegetation and ground in the clearing was beginning to rise. The first few feet of the clearing floor was cloaked in a mist softening the shapes of the plants and landscape. Beyond the trees stood in sharp silhouette rising out of the mist against the night sky and the stars.

Many times I get the feeling that I am indeed lucky, I was the only one to witness the scene. I was delighted to stand for a minute or two and soak in the image. On returning home I put pen to paper to recount the moment.

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