Saturday, 23 October 2010

Escaping the Voices

Images and sounds seem to build up within my mind. At first it is something that may well appeal to my sense of humour. Other times my attention is drawn to an advert yelling for my attention. Tonight I reached a saturation point, random catchphrases and tunes popped into my thoughts and still images of Saturday night TV seemed to hold an echo in my eyes. There is so much of it now that many are hardened to the onslaught and seem to respond like a machine to vote lines and tv (or telephone) competitions.

I decided to step away and walk out into the night. Once in the fresh air I began to adjust my thinking and perspective. The full moon creates a glorious light within the woods and to tread among the pools of light and darkness becomes a pleasure. After a quarter of an hour. The paths seemed to have helped purge me of the constant commercialism and once again my mind was traveling freely. Listening to the sounds of the wood, drinking in the clear sights under the full moon and feeling the cooling air on my skin.

It seems that when we look at the world though a narrow window, we begin to think of it as a whole. The reality is actually outside of the door, but many choose to disregard that. The window of journalism is something that can inform us but is limited to the perspective of the journalist. Sometimes there is more to the world than what is told.


  1. Hi,

    Touch of romanticism lies here methinks. Welcome to the romancing blog blog-hop.

    Ah to be a creature of the night, human frailty such that whilst bettering their lot they lose touch with life's enhancing properties.


  2. Very often actually. Journalism and society in general today shows a very narrow window of perception. By stepping into the night, both the actual and that of the mind we see so much more.

  3. Many thanks for your comments Francine & Amos. Its a pleasure to see such words. I hope your travels and observations reward you well.