Sunday, 3 October 2010

Gentle October Rain

Heavy cloud cover shrouded the night sky and not a trace of a breeze ruffled the autumn leaves. As I made my way around familiar paths it was the sounds of the wood that took centre stage in my mind. A gentle rain began to fall tapping the foliage and undergrowth in the darkness.

As the walk had left me a little warm I couldn't resist taking off my jacket and letting the rain cool me down on bare arms and through my shirt. On a mild night without a breeze it was indeed refreshing. It is sometimes too easy to sit indoors and stare out of the window, to actually feel the elements on skin leaves me feeling alive and better connected to the environment.

I remember hearing comedian Billy Connolly once saying how he hated people saying it was bad weather, and that there is only weather, dress appropriately and go and enjoy it.

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