Monday, 4 October 2010

Starlight From the Depths of the Woods

Initially I was reluctant to venture out tonight. I have been tapping away on a computer for many hours and moving storage and shelves for the remaining hours of the day. It was the sight of the dogs by the door and occasionally nudging me that made me decide to head on out into the night.

With a stiff back I struggled to put on my old training shoes and muttered and grumbled my way to the door. The first thing that came to mind on stepping out into the night was the clear sky and the stars, my thoughts changed from whining to admiration of the night sky.

With no moon, the woods were incredibly dark, the tall conifers seemed to absorb all the light and leave the stars in night sky shining like diamonds scattered on dark velvet above the trees. I walked the tracks deep into the woods and allowed my eyes to adjust to the surroundings, all the light came from above and I found myself walking and looking up to take full advantage of the night.

Strange, but after quarter of an hour in the depths of the woods, gently walking and taking in the celestial spectacle. I realised that the discomfort on my back had eased, I now back at home, I feel I am ready for better sleep and my body will be less restricted in the morning.

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