Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Freedom of a Simple Home

My journey tonight took me down an unlit dirt track and away from the lights of the village. Out of the darkness was the silhouette of a traditional gypsy caravan. I have seen the caravan in the light and though it does not have the highly decorative work I have see on some, its spirit is very much of the traditional caravan.

As I passed by the lantern lit doorway and onto the footpath to the deeper rural areas I considered the life the owner must have. Doubtless it is at the mercy of the elements and lacks appliances we take for granted, but for those in search of a simple life it must give so much and ask little.

Climbing the hill the caravan vanished into the gloom and I made my way to a vantage point. The village was visible below and on the horizon was the all to familiar glow of the near by town and city, also easily visible were two power stations. The belch of fumes rising from their stacks and the glow of lights stood glaringly proud in the night.

It must be a wonderful thing to have a home that is not reliant on imported power, perhaps in our desire for the latest appliances and services we have unwittingly allowed ourselves to become modern day serfs to the energy companies. Because of our upbringings and the constant barrage of advertising we may not even question what we are letting ourselves in for when we pay up and plug in.

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