Sunday, 26 September 2010

Walking Beneath Clouds of Silver Leaves

Last night I came upon a wonderful moment on my walk. My mind was cluttered with work issues so it was a welcome relief to step into the moonlight, feel a brisk cool wind and let my concerns vanish into the night air.

The wind was quickly clearing the clouds from the night sky and the moon broke though illuminating the canopy of leaves above the path I was following, for a minute or so the leaves shimmered in the silver light and  breeze. Small shafts of moonlight briefly broke through the canopy and struck the dark path and the ferns to the side, but the leaves seemed to maintain their dancing silvery form until the clouds returned to shroud the moon.

An old friend told me a while ago, that as the years passed he found that those "magical" days that left him inspired grew fewer until they barely exist at all. Perhaps he should be looking for inspiration in the night.

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