Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Gateway to Dark Places

This is one of many simple green steel gates that forms a barrier to traffic from the wood. Stepping around the gate is the generally beginning of a peaceful hour or so enjoying the sights and sounds of the wood.

Because people are often reluctant to leave their cars at night and walk into the wood, the gate seems to hold much of the activities of others at this point. Sadly the area is often used for illegal activities. However I have noticed over the years that I have been left alone by such folk, as long as what they are doing does not impact on the habitat or threaten me, I see no reason to harass them and by their lack of confrontation towards me they must think the same. The local constabulary have however put a notice and number on the gate for reporting anti-social behaviour (something I would certainly use if I observe fly tipping), so clearly someone has been given reason to take offence. I just hope it is not me that has given cause for concern.

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