Sunday, 19 September 2010

Alone in thought

Good evening

I thought I would start my blog with a thought that will often come to mind on my travels. It seems to me that people are have become afraid of many things, including their own thoughts and solitude. Its understandable that humans find their well being in friends, family and the warmth of a home. But to be alone in the darkness seems to strike folk with unease, even if there is physically no risk of harm.

The mind seems to excel in seeking distractions and will drag dark distant memories into being when there is nothing for the eyes to feast on or company to talk to. Have we done such wrongs that we are afraid to be in solitude with our thoughts, or do we simply seek comfort and reinforcement so much that we cannot bear to be without it.

I have no great teachings to impart with this blog, just a journey and my thoughts along the way. I hope to travel with you and share a little knowledge.


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