Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Connection to Above

Cloud cover obscured the full moon for much of tonights wanders. It brought the blessing of a warm night, so the jacket was left behind and it was a fine thing to feel fresh warm autumn night air against bare arms.
The wood I walked tonight is close to a town and I quickly noticed the difference in the quality in the light. The moon was on the on the side of the fields and countryside. Deep blues and dark grey cloud shadow hung over the silhouette of the trees. On occasion the moon would cast a ray of silver shifting light through the clouds and for brief moments would break clear of its cloudy shroud and flood the trees with a glorious silver light.
As I followed the skyline around the clouds took on a musty brown orange glow, they lacked any definition or movement. The trees stood out against this unnatural hue but without any of the clarity of those beneath the moonlight. This side of the wood is closest to the town, the light is of course the lights of the town reflected off the low cloud. I have little doubt that those who live within the urban areas are used to only seeing a fraction of the night sky. They may not even see that as a problem. For me the sight of the stars is something I never tire of, the shifting of the cloud and the gentle natural changes in the light are an immediate forecast of weather to come. if I were to offer you the choice of a clear day or a dull misty day, no doubt most would choose the clear. The colours and fresh air lift the spirit, but the night has no such luxury, to keep the urban dwellers safe it seems we have to loose the natural colours and patterns of night.

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