Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Accepted Glow of Background Commercialism

Back in the recession of the 1990's I took a job as a night security guard to make ends meet. I spent many hours walking around storage yards and warehouses in the early hours. Tonight I passed by a modern distribution centre, compared to the sites I used to look after these buildings are vast.

Cloaked in hundreds of meters of grey cladding panels and adorned with halogen security lighting it makes its presence on the landscape casting its tainted unnatural light for many miles.

It seems our desire for must have consumer goods has given rise to these buildings and the vast army of vehicles that serve them. Driving by them, it is easy to disregard the size and scale of the operation, but walk around or near them and put your mind on their purpose and the whole scale of needs and wants is brought into perspective.

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