Monday, 27 September 2010

The Builders of the Tall Fire

Over the course of the summer I noticed one of the areas I walk had suffered some fire damage. I value the trees and the wildlife that live there and decided to be vigilant. Sure enough one night I spotted the orange glow of a fire among the tall trunks of the conifers.

As I closed in on fire, I saw two teenagers tending to a fire and chatting to themselves. I waited and took in the details of what I saw. The ground had been cleared near the fire itself and both of the lads appeared sober and careful with what they were doing. It seemed that they were just out to enjoy the night and a chat (perhaps they were influenced by the bushcraft of someone like Ray Mears) . The fire itself was a bit too large for its purpose, but not of such a size that it would pose a risk to the habitat.

I considered stepping forward and making myself known, but the simple truth was that they were doing no real wrong so why should I disturb them. I am sure they would learn the lesson of too big a fire in the constant trips off into the darkness to fetch more fire wood. The thought of a creature such as I and a phalanx of dogs appearing out of the darkness to chat seemed wrong and may have disturbed what could be an enjoyable night within nature. In my mind I wished them a safe night and vanished back into the dark tracks.

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