Friday, 8 April 2011

Sun to the Spring Evening

Stepping through the tracks and into the clearing on a spring evening I find I am able to sense new life and warmth from the woodlands. As the clear blue sky gives way to night the ground resonates with heat and new scents are lifted from the buds and leaves. The calling of the birds hold longer into the darkness and the undergrowth is disturbed by the foraging of small animals. Insects are lifted into the night sky by the rising heat of the earth and the flitting shapes of pipistrel bats claim their first meal of the night.
On such nights the twilight world holds an uplifting energy and slows my steps as if encouraging me to drink deeply of its vitality. The crescent of the moon adds it gentle light to the failing light of the sun and among the trees the calling of the tawny owls begin. Quietly I tread off the track and into the trees following the call. Above me I soon find the shifting shape of the tawny perched high in the branches. Aware of my presence I can see the shape turn to look at me before returning to call into the night unconcerned by the silent and still land roaming creature below.
Once again time melts by and the moments gently roll on in time with the nature. Easing the mind and lifting the spirit.


  1. Very interesting blog Al, beautifully written, and I love the illustrations you put with them. I will be following this with interest.

  2. Hope I am right in saying, hello Ian.
    Its a pleasure to have you drop in for a while and I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I will look forward to learning more of your travels and excellent photos.