Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Haunting of a Young Mind

Stopping for a while I gazed upon the twisting forms of the trees above and head of me. Shifting in the breath of a warm twilight the woodland seemed to pulsing with life and energy. Among the darkening trunks and branches were shapes reminiscent of twisted limbs and features animated by the movement, among the element of wood these forms are natural and quite spectacular, but to hold them within the context of human anatomy would twist the mind to a realm of horror.

As I looked around I could recall the tales of childhood and the dark, lonely pictures painted by the imagination. As a young mind seeks out excitement and adventure it is a shame to be instilled with a controlling fear. I am never sure if the fear gives way to realization or if develops into phobia and superstition as the mind grows, much depends on the individual and circumstances of their life. I sometimes wonder how those who catch a glimpse of a figure passing by in the darkness and of their regard. Perhaps suspicion or curiosity. There are many ways to perceive the world but I have always preferred wonder and awareness.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading !

  2. Thank you Binnie, it was nice to get your comment on twitter too.