Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Sometimes shouting & the desire to attract attention reaches a peak, from all around there are people wanting, demanding and imposing. The noise become infernal and wearing. There is so much that can be tolerated and so much that asks politely but repeatedly until it screams like an unreasonable demand in the mind. Today I decided to step away from it. No real grand gesture or martyr like shriek of defiance. There would be no point in that. Just time to step into the quiet evening and the failing light of day.

The trees to the side of me carried the dead leaves of winter and I found myself listening to them rustling gently in the wind and felt the last warmth of the sun on my skin. Tonight I walked and watched the bats skimming the edges of the trees, dipping below the horizon to hide their flight against the undergrowth and earth.

As I walked the stresses of the day began to peal way. I looked upon the deepening blue of the sky with the outlines of the trees etched in shadow against the slim crescent moon and its faint glow. The gentle warm breeze was as a vital breath of fresh air breathing life and clarity into my ears and mind, among the breath of the land I found comfort along with the resolve to make a few changes. For me it is time to focus and bring to bear skills I have worked on over the years. I have things to do and will need a clear mind to achieve what is best. For those on social websites who may wonder at the vanishing of an owl you have my apologies for a departure without ceremony. As always I will wish any reader here well and I hope you avoid such turbulence.

It is easy to fill the mind with clutter or empty it with the wash of distractions, but for me, to ensure the mind is clear and ready for tasks in hand is not so easy and needs preparation.

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