Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Qualities of Leadership (Part 1)

Many years ago I was treated to a few words of wisdom from an old boss, after I gave a series of bumbling and awkward replies to his questions he said "always appear confident, even when you are not confident, it will help inspire confidence in others and you will be able to lead them".

Perhaps I should have been flattered that he was willing to start teaching me his techniques, however I found myself viewing his comments from another perspective. How much of leadership is based on experience and knowledge? How much of leadership is based on the ability to deceive and manipulate?

It becomes fascinating to watch the act of influence from business leaders, politicians and anyone else who would try and stir a crowd. Within my mind I turn down the sounds of their words and watch their gestures and body language. In many ways I find their words have only one meaning "this is how it should be" however the content or the subject is being portrayed. I find animals have evolved this skill much more efficiently then humans. They do not need the coded words or debate. A look or simple noise will suffice, it is curious to see how many leaders can adopt something of that "look". Those that submit to that leadership will of course adopt the nodding, upward looking gaze of compliance.

As we move forward into more turbulent times, I find myself scrutinising the various public figures and personalities who seek to gain favour, influence and power. I try to strip away the layers of the act of leadership to stare into the core of the being. Once inside truths are revealed. Maybe next time you find yourself holding an upward stare and nodding, you will find the curiosity to peel away the layers and look within.

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