Friday, 21 January 2011

To Be Left Alone

There are often occasions during my wandering when I will happen upon something of beauty and substance. For a moment I may turn on the lantern to look upon flora, sometimes I stand quietly in the darkness to watch the shadow form of an owl in the branches above or the fleeting glimpse of a small creature in a hedgerow.

For me it is the moment of such a sight or sound becomes inspiration. In recalling such a moment an artist may portray a magnificent image, a bard may enhance a tale or the actions of an individual may be influenced by the manner of the subject. It is the importance of the moment itself and not the collection of the physical aspects beyond our needs that I hold dear. Sadly it seems those who lack artistry, empathy or appreciation can be focused on the power to possess, accumulation and exclusivity.

In our transient existence it is living the moment while others take that seems so difficult. Where possible I think things are often best left alone and only the learned lessons and inspirations should be carried away to give meaning to the future.

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