Monday, 10 January 2011

Beyond the Flame

The sight of a gentle flame in the darkness is always a sight that awakens the senses. From the warming camp fire to the gentle flicker of a lantern or candle, the element of fire always has a way of casting a pure kind of enchantment over its surroundings. It brings to my mind the possibility that I am sharing the same moment and energy as ancestors before me and draws my mind through time and space to bring scenes to life in the minds eye.

For the necessity of light and warmth though to the starting point for a meditation, the flame brings its elemental beauty to enhance life. I have seen its sight soothe sore eyes and tired minds before the onset of thoughts or deep sleep, I have felt its warmth drive away the cold from the skin and bring a glow to the face, hands and feet.

The dance of the flame needs no sound but is graced by the gentlest breeze, weaving and spiraling in union with the air. Living and breathing with the audience it holds enthralled. I will invite you to gaze beyond the flame, to feel the ancient nature of the element and the living energy it has brought to many though out the ages. For a while time will slow in the night, the body will relax and the mind will drink deeply of the sights of the element and find rejuvenation.

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