Sunday, 2 January 2011

Equality in Darkness

Sitting waiting within the foyer of the local gym, I cast my eyes around and familiarised myself with the sights. Video screens repeatedly played popular hits allowing the continual beat and basic lyrics to become a virus within the mind. Posters portrayed an image of physical perfection and assurances of health and happiness for a reasonable monthly fee and an eighteen month contract. A cool draft from the opening front doors and ineffective lobby announced the arrival of the well groomed and toned instructor. Without looking I knew he had parked his sports car in the disabled user parking bay outside the entrance as I had seen him do many times before.

I glanced though the internal screens to the gym itself, watching the users pattering along the tread mills and dragging weights around on pulleys. They reminded me of hamsters in wheels. It was a relief when my good lady emerged from the depths of the gym keen to leave.

Later in the evening I slipped the leash of civilisation and stepped out into the night. Here I could redress the infernal songs trapped in my mind with the gentle beat of my own feet on the paths and the faster clatter of claws and paws in the undergrowth from the dogs. Here I could relax for a while. Within the darkness I could pass from the judging eyes of people, here it matters little who or what you are. No boasts of status or symbols of wealth are of use. There is only the quiet and the darkness, time to think and dwell on matters that are housed deep within. When there are no deceptions, distractions or material gains to be made we can find an equality of circumstance and a value as to our real worth.

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