Friday, 28 January 2011

Folds of Earth

From the Peak District, over the West Pennine Moors up the the Highlands of Scotland, the moorlands have always been a special place for me. Under the moonlight I find them dominated by the elements of air during blustery evenings and the quieter power of earth on still nights.

During such still nights I would seek shelter from the gentlest of breezes and sit in the wind shadow of a dry stone wall, casting my eye upon the landscape. At first glance earth does not have the immediacy of air, fire or moving water. But with the slowest of heartbeats and an understanding of time beyond the moment the powerful movements of the earths floor can be appreciated and the effect on life and the other elements can be seen.

I can understand the ramblers and hikers who tread the land during the day, the colours of the hillside and the distant views are beautiful to behold. But for me the stillness of night and the moonlight give an insight into the power and depth of this element and the dimension of time in which the mind needs to dwell to see what the eyes cannot.

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