Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Perception of Colour is the Value of Light.

Just before the full moon I was walking a broad track with a boarder of grass and shrub set against a backdrop of pine trees. The scene was beautiful under the radiance of the moon and the breath of the night air.

The branches and few remaining leaves fluttered silver in the brisk wind, the pine trees were jet black  below the canopy with shafts of moonlight punching down to the woodland floor. Above the silver needles of the canopy the deep blue night sky stretched out to distant stars and wonders that live within the mind but are not held by the eye.

The natural light of the moon seemed to purify the scene and bring my attention to the moment. Once again I felt the connection of mind body and spirit to the point in time, place and being. It is something I never tire of feeling.

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