Monday, 31 October 2011

Memories & Paths of Autumn

Tonight I stood beneath the crescent moon within the nearby woodlands to gather my thoughts. I find it a strange time of year, quite magical in some respects and absurd in others. A few days ago I found myself running an errand for my good lady, I wandered into a supermarket and found myself face to face with vast quantities of plastic skulls, rubber spiders and model witches holding cauldrons. Many of them emitting moans, screams cries for help or laughter. A shop floor worker stood among them smiling brightly and asking those who strayed too close if they would like to buy one. I glanced past the plastic macabre to see the christmas isle taking shape.

An all too familiar sensation was settling in, the question of just how out of touch I am becoming with human affairs, or perhaps worse still the possibility that your average shopper takes all this within their stride and no longer chooses to question the meaning behind the facade.

Beneath the moon I allowed my thoughts to drift to more personal matters, it has been another year where a loved one has passed away. With the falling leaves of autumn and the softness of the moonlight I thought of her. I miss our regular phone conversations and her voice is still fresh within my memory, I suspect it always will be. I thought of the lands we are from and the tales and history. I cast my mind to others of my line and good friends passed on and thanked them. The soft energies of autumn always seem to draw forth such thoughts and it seems appropriate to pay my respects.

Within the past I find more than memories, there are lessons, teachings and paths to the present & the future. As always I will gladly take to the paths and perhaps with good fortune will meet fellow wanderers. Should it be so, I will toast your good health & look forward to hearing of your experiences too.


  1. ...greetings dear gentle one! ~ i read your post with a quietude of mind ~ observing your beautiful spirit ~ emanating from the page ~ your humble kindness ~ sensitive yet curious ~ & ~ passive sense of adventure! ~ a balm & a tonic for hope!...
    ...i recognize a part of you within myself ~ kindred ~ sharing a journey thru' this world ~ yet not actually a part of the general masses ~ so to speak! ~ stay well my friend ~ we shall meet along the path again soon! ~ blessed be!... i bequeath a sonnet for thee!...

  2. Thank you for your kind and elegant words. I hope you are well and enjoying the magnificent scenes you so kindly share of the southern forests and countryside. It is a pleasure to see the world though your eyes and language, and lifts my mind from introspection to places of wonder.