Saturday, 8 October 2011

Waxing Shadows

With the clear twilight skies and the waxing moon, the autumn woodland becomes a truly enchanting place to be. Walking the paths I find myself cast into contrasting worlds of light and shadow within an instant. Looking towards the moon I find the lea side of the tree trunks are in pure darkness but beyond them to the canopy of pine needles hold the silver light and as the branches shift gently in the breeze, they are as shimmering clouds only slightly overhead. Turning my gaze from the moon the trees are vibrant and defined by the light against the depths of the wood. My own moon cast shadow is defined and thrown to the undergrowth.

From the deeper within the woods I can hear the calls of many tawny owls, such a night always brings a host of calls from the canopy. Once I have passed by the realm will be theirs to survey and hunt. Scattered on the floor and shifting in the breeze is the first falls of leaves rattling their way through the wood before the rain of future nights presses them to the floor and their decay begins to fuel the growth of future foliage. Ahead of me on the path I can hear the disgruntled raspings of a badger. My dogs seem to have learned to leave them alone, but it doesn't stop their curiosity when the happen upon one on the footpaths. The rasps and growls serve them  reminder that these creatures do not appreciate canine attention and will return to foraging and the set once we are out of the way.

Nights such as these are a blessing, within a few weeks the turning of the season will bring the winds and rains of late autumn to soften the steps. Within my teeth and bones I can begin to feel the chill of the cooler months growing as the solar year draws older.


  1. Hello Owl,
    Found your site after reading a comment of yours on 'Snapping Twigs'. I'd just like to say what a refreshing way you have of looking at things. Mind if I tag along a while?

  2. You are most welcome John, thank you for the follow & your comment. I do like to blog hop and (time permitting) visit those who call in here.

  3. I don't do a whole lot of hiking at night, but occasionally go out to listen for owls or woodcock in the spring. Love hearing your perspective!

  4. Thanks Casey, most people enjoy the colours, views and scenery so walking after sunset is something they don't consider. Folks seem to become afraid of the darkness itself or the introspective it can bring about. It is an honour for me to know follow my blog and a fine thing indeed to know you listen out for sounds in the twilight.