Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Secret of Learning

I have had many teachers in my life, some paid to do so and others unwittingly giving me far more than they realise. Learning (along with thinking) is something I see as a skill in itself, it needs to be practised and honed. 

Sitting at a desk in a lesson while information is presented to you is only the smallest aspect of learning. Sitting at a desk and drawing in all the information before you is far more significant.

Every part of what sits before the learner tells its tale, from the clothes and appearance of the teacher, the delivery, the marks on the desk left by previous students right through to the building fabric itself. All portray the real message behind the situation, the incidental information begins to speak far louder than the technical lesson. Once I made the switch to this way of thinking and learning, vails began to fall. The systems, thoughts and the wills of others became clear.

Such learning and thinking needs to be calibrated, for this I return to nature. I found when I looked upon nature in the same way, I became part of a world which does not seek to categorise me as humans do. It is life, essence and it is existence in its purest form (with of course vast lessons without the coded language of people). This is something which I find useful when assessing the approaches of others. Their own agendas and the agendas of their upbringing and past teachers become much clearer. I can then learn deeply from them and be well aware of the hidden.

Enjoy teaching what you know,
Enjoy learning what you do not,
Enjoy time spent in good company
And look for the lesson beyond.


  1. ...thankyou for your insight! ~ a discovery of observations ~ tools of nature ~ enjoyment of nuances within the seasons ~ lends to justified contentment of the precious now ~ blessings to you wise gentle spirit!... i bequeath a sonnet for thee!...

  2. and thank you so much for your sonnet, I meet many who are academically well trained but I find they seem to miss (or chose to miss) the bigger picture, such a shame.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the spring in your part of the world.