Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Knowledge of the Peasant

Towering columns of stone, high crafted ceiling and shafts of light from high windows greet the traveller with a jaw dropping effect. Many times I have looked upon the design and skill of the medieval architect and craftsman, the ancient materials are indeed pushed to the limits of height and span by the knowledge and experience of a skilled few. But for all of its splendour I have the feeling I have seen it before but on a much grander scale, both in terms of size and time.

A line of tall pines with intertwining branches forms a living colonnade to the woodland track, with the new moon the stars glimmer through the canopy, with the full moon the shadows deepen beyond the trees and the trail is bathed in silver light. To reach a clearing the last of the trees forms a spectacular vista with the night sky drawing the eyes from the landscape to the heavens.

The changing seasons, the elements and the passing of time herald constant changes breathing new life and experience. For me this truth & beauty, the combination of living energy and elemental forces. Much as I admire the skills of the ancient builder and architect, their work seems quaint against such energies. To see such sights you need only to walk freely with nature and the knowledge of the peasant.

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