Sunday, 15 May 2011

Colours by the Lantern

With the growing fullness of the moon there seems to be little reason for the lantern on my wanders. To be honest there are times when it is left at home when I am treading familiar paths well away from roads and people. However there is a fine quality and perspective to be gained with the wandering light.

Drifting gently above the pathways the pool of illuminance floats along side me adding intensity and warmth to the surrounding moonlight. With the light swaying gently as I step carefully to adjust to the undulations and ruts, the shadows of the undergrowth ebb and flow of the lamp movement. Among the undergrowth the blooms of spring burst into colour and fade to shadow with our passing movement. Such a sight serves as a reminder of the seasons within the realm of night.

The moments also serve as reminders to passing time in life, people I have met, sights I have seen and the enjoyment of dwelling for a while in a special place. To catch a glimpse of an aspect of life at its peak fills the soul for a moment with an enlightenment which can be carried along the path to last well beyond the moment itself. It is not just the memory of such moments that is important, but also the sensation of enlightenment. To recall the sensation brings a method of returning back to the essence of being alive and a welcome rest and nourishment for a weary mind.

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