Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Moonlit March Hare

Its never a good start to the day to receive an e-mail clearly composed to cause problems. Glancing through the twisted words and pointed accusations it was clear that the author was playing games and attempting to bolster his status with those above him in the organisation. I couldn't help but notice the addresses of "superiors" copied in to the e-mail. Initially my annoyance grew and I began to compose a response within my mind before a realisation struck me. The e-mail was founded on incorrect facts & assumptions. I looked his demands for information and after due consideration pressed the delete key before getting on with tasks I needed to undertake for the day.

However, despite my action, such words tend to stay with you during the day and wriggle their way back into the front of the mind. As the sun began to set I decided to take a break and walk the issues away. The sunset was beautiful, deep reds and oranges lit the horizon and the earth still retained its warmth from a clear spring day. Above me in the deepening blue hung the full moon. As I stood taking in the scene the silent white shape of a Barn Owl glided by. The Owl seemed utterly unconcerned by me and passed by me some fifteen to twenty feet away. It was close enough for me to see the sandy markings on the back and wings, and also close enough for the soft feathers to reveal the silence of the wing strokes. Looking to the grasslands I watched the bird across the fields, my eyes were then taken to the shapes on the floor. Boxing and chasing the Brown Hares were at their courtship. The furrows that hid them from view were left well behind as they took to their spring rituals.

With a spring sunset and a full moon my mind was eased. Here there are simple truths and wonderful sights to behold. I lost track of how long I drank in the scene, time seems to be of little matter when the mind and senses are full of what is truly important.


  1. The first sniff of the night air,simply beautiful!

  2. Relate to all in this post, from the rear covering emails to the dissipation of it all with your scene. Stood in the garden late Saturday night, following the first grass cut of the year, time just vanished as i took in the aroma.

  3. Thanks for your comments Binnie & Craig, I am glad you get to enjoy a moment of time and nature in such a way.