Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Long Knives

The solitude of a woodland trail has often provided me with the time and space I need to help put things into perspective. Many times I have looked at what is important to me and weighed it up against the demands of others. Within my work I have often seen the politics of the office playing like a macabre theatre, the games played by workers and managers as they further their own careers, jockeying for position or battling to survive.

As I have perhaps explained before within this blog, it is the focus and drive to produced a well crafted design that drives me. I enjoy such simplicity and have changed my life to try to keep myself within such realms. However I am always aware of the games and backdrops that surround me. I also see how they reflect into the wider world into the news and politics.

The desire to control people and resources is understandable and is part of our very evolution though history. I find it is important to learn the lessons of those who have been used, betrayed or overtaken just as much as it is to see the lives of those who are perceived to be successful. As is often the case, when you combine the tales and regard with an open mind, the truth will sit in the middle.

It seems that whatever we do there will be the proverbial long knife in the darkness. Perhaps the skill is not being the one who wields it or avoids it, but to be the one who looks through the darkness to see the truth of what it there.

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