Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wonders of the Elemental World

With senses awakened to the night, the power and subtlety of the elements can reveal themselves to the perceptions. I have always enjoyed the old chinese tales and methods of understanding the elements. Each element having a yin and a yang aspect, there are also 5 elements to their understanding rather than the 4 we are used to in western culture.
Within the moonlight the woods can be a gentle sway of saplings, quiet standing of deadwood through to the towering spreading oak and the ferocious bending of branches of trees within a storm.
With regard to fire, it can be the gentle, contained warmth of the camp fire through to a raging uncontrolled menace lighting the horizon. I could continue all night to relate tales of beauty and extremes but such memories and connections are best left to everyones own experiences where they will shine through the years of conscious thought.
As humans evolve and absorb ourselves in our own cleverness and invention. Living within our cocoons I feel it is so easy to loose our empathy not only with nature but with the interconnected aspects of the elements. When we need light or warmth we reach for a switch to draw on distant electricity sources to illuminate the bulb or warm the heater. All so easy, all so remote. The flick of the switch disconnects us from our true world and ties us to the charges and finances of distant investors and stakeholders.
To reconnect with our more primal aspects and experiences can be like an absurd bolt from the darkness for us civilised westerners used to being so pampered and paying so dearly for the privilege we perceive as a right. To reclaim knowledge and understanding from the realms of earth, fire, water and air, or for others the realms of metal, wood, earth, fire and water is truly empowering and can awaken older knowledges and understandings. When we have such aspects, the world becomes more a remarkable place. Casting pleasure and warnings from the visions before us, always speaking truths beyond language.

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  1. ...the awesome truths ~ that some evade ~ at great price ~ well spoken dear kindred brother!...(: