Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Qualities of Leadership (part 2)

With the chores of a working day done I took to familiar trails to clear my mind of lingering thoughts and set my thinking patterns to the wider world. Within an hour or so I returned back to the hovel ready to relax and contemplate. The small TV was a convenient way of looking upon the comings and goings of the world, albeit through the eyes and perceptions of the journalists who are granted air time.

It seems nothing changes, more news of debt crisis, politicians arguing, votes, ballots, strikes and protests. All of these was diffused by the usual sports round ups and celebrity gossip. The off button was a relief as was the chance to stand outside and feel the cool night air. One of the main issues I see while observing people is the factors surrounding leadership and the attitudes of those who follow. The movement of people to and from politicians and leaders is like a tide. It comes and goes but never really gets anywhere in the grand scheme of things. I have had the opportunity to vote for many years but I have never once cast it. I would hasten to add that this is not through apathy, I have simply never had the opportunity to vote for someone who I feel represents my views. I look upon the usual candidates and see either creatures from privilege backgrounds or those from the working classes looking to provide more for their own kind. For the voters it simply becomes a choice of who will provide them with the most or for the disillusioned it becomes a case of voting for an alternative to the currently elected as a form of protest. Either way it is of little matter, the tide moves and it will eventually return as we go no where.

Within the natural world leadership is a more interesting and balanced affair. Working within the environment and the balance of nature. Strength has meaning and failure has far greater consequence than a vote of no confidence. The natural world has its leaders, those creatures are also masters at working within and being part of their environment. Those who exceed their resource find nature will redress the balance quickly. Perhaps the difference between humans and the natural world is that humans have learned to cheat the system for a while, but for me it is obvious that nature will surely catch up in the long run. Debts run far deeper than a credit rating or a minus figure in the books and they will be collected. Perhaps I should give an example of my thinking.

I once worked within an office of a local authority, it was there I met a grossly overweight manager in charge of ensuring energy efficiency in buildings. He was a man proud of his position, his large Audi, big home and his many holidays. When one of the other managers challenged him over his personal environmental bad attitude (especially given his role within the authority)  he simply replied "I don't care, I will live how I want to and if the environment is a problem in future it will be my kids who have to sort it out,". In many ways I see this man as a tiny example of those who are sometimes given far greater positions of power. One of sadnesses I find in the self centered nature of such people is the lack of questioning and mindless head nodding of those who help grant them such positions.

From my own perspective the main quality of leadership is to accept responsibility for my own actions and to only put my trust into those who I believe have the same principles as I do. I have little time for those who float on the tides of opinion and short term personal gain. It seems to me that we are not encouraged to question too deeply on many issues, but it is the inquisitive mind backed by the knowledge and understanding of both the human environment and the natural world that allows for a discerning and balanced view.

I can only encourage you to think deeply my friends. It is the only way to see through the masks and deceptions to the core of the matter.

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