Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dryad by the Water

As the seasons change so do the tasks of a dryad. With spring she is holding the new leaves clear of the water. In summer she will bear the weight of the canopy to shield her trunk and ground from the sun. By autumn she will sprinkle the leaves back to the flowing waters and in winter she will reach into the skies with bare branches to take what warmth she can by day and point to the stars by night.

To some the dryad is a living tree spirit, to others the dryad is a myth from the past. Regardless of the opinion, for me the issue of empathy and understanding with nature. The forms of trees and features within the world have provided inspiration for tales and teachings. The dangers and delights of nature can be woven within the words of a story, and a good story is a well learned and remembered experience. When the final words are uttered you can release the breath you seem to have been holding for the duration of the tale, but what then?

Perhaps the search for a new tale begins or perhaps the story can carry on beyond the words of the teller into the future. It could give life and meaning to your own tales or encourage a furthering of knowledge with the subject itself. A true craftsman might find features within the wood or stone to refine into a sculpted form, tool or structure. A writer might find new depths for a world of their making or the beholder might find a precious moment of rest while they drink deeply of the sights before them.

I find myself wondering how many people have turned their backs on such tales and teachings. The lure of brands and corporate imagery seem to hold the attention of children and the easily influenced in a way which removes them from the essence of creation and understanding. I hope fashions will change and the skills of todays writers and artists will show through. To be an individual is often a difficult thing, you become responsible for your own actions and have no mass label to hide behind or blame for your failings. For me it is that honesty and reflection I need to bestow upon myself to avoid being carried away by a crowd. Maybe next time you look into the forms of nature I hope you will consider their individuality, inspiration and adaptability.

I hope you will delighted at what they may teach you.


  1. ...hello dear kindred! ~ the time ~ it passeth rapidly beneath the bridge ~ thankyoU for your awesome dryadic share!... ...visiting yoU! ~ is always such a pleasure! ~ blessed be dear gentle one!...

    1. Always a pleasure to have you call by and comment. I hope you are finding many such forms & inspiration within the landscape near you. I will look forward to calling in on your blog very soon :o)