Saturday, 4 February 2012

Teachings of a Smoke Dragon

With the crackling of rain around me I looked into the fire and appreciated the warmth. To anyone passing by on the near by railway line the sight of a roughly dressed person sitting in the rain by a bonfire wrapped up in a plastic sheet it the must have been a strange thing to behold but I have long since given up about such passing glances. Within my body and head I could feel the discomfort of infection and the last few nights I seemed to be shivering with a permanent chill regardless of the warm clothes and heaters within the hovel, but the bonfire brought its raw elemental presence to press heat deep within my core and loosen the muscles from a clench as my body had been trying to hold every bit of heat it could.

I knew well what had brought on the ill health, it was time spent in an office with central heating and the concentration of coughs and colds brought in by the other workers. Such environments seem to breed germs with a ruthless efficiency but the need for work had forced my hand and committed me to spending more time in the offices than I would like. Back in a more natural realm surrounded by the elements and far away from the crowds I could feel the first stages of healing.

As the rain grew lighter and the sky began to clear I could catch my first glimpse of the stars and a gentle breeze spiraled the plume of smoke around me like a chinese dragon stretching from the origins of the fire and winding its way into the night sky. From my perspective I can see reasons why we need space and nature. Elements need to move easily, forced contained will only bring stagnation, this in turn will bring the creatures and organisms that will thrive there. When they flow well the conditions begin to suit the natural state of people and the creatures we hold dear to show us all is well.

Perhaps when people realise life is about the flows and cycles of elements & nature and not about the power & the grabbing of resources there is a chance to find a greater peace and healing within ourselves.


  1. ...greetings Owl! ~ elemental blessings to thee ~ all things in balance when communing within mother's embrace ~ our hope ~ doth lie in her bosom ~ for the company of strangers shared in mankind's central heating ~ be not sO in harmony ~ be well my kindred friend! ~ may the week ahead journey well for thee ~ blessed be!...

  2. Another delightful read and totally enjoyed your use of words....wonderful, thanks for sharing xXx

  3. Thanks EM & Binnie for your comments. The western world seems to be packed with technology & economy. It is good to know others have an understanding & enjoyment of words, nature & elements. I hope you have had a great week and get to enjoy a relaxing weekend.