Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Healing Path

A few drops of early summer rain began to take the heat from my hands, it had been a long day of hard work with the sun and the physical effort tarnishing the skin. Muscles were tense and seemed to lock into solid forms around the bones. The rain, gentle breeze and the soft twilight with its crescent moon washed over me bringing relief and movement in waves. I realised many years ago that the human body is at its best when moving. Step by step following time with the beating heart, blood flowing with a steady heart rate and each step naturally pushing the energy of life around the organs, the limbs and to the extremities of the feet and finger tips where the nerves seem to hold sway among the skin.

Together with the elements of the woodland and the subtle reflected light in the crescent moon each relaxed step along the trail brings a reassuring healing energy to soothe the body and draw calmness and connection to the mind. The natural moving state of the body along the trail forms a bridge between the forced working energies of the day and the restful deep sleep where the tumbling sub-conscious holds dreams before the minds eye. Within the natural state is both healing and the rationalisation of our waking experiences.

Surrounded by and filled with the pulsing energies of life the trails carry me deep into the woods where the colours of the night sky and the rain drops on the gentle breeze bring a rejuvenation to the mind, the body and the spirit.

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