Friday, 11 February 2011

The Haunting of the Mind

Sitting within the quiet and darkness gives many moments for self reflection. I find I am able to allow my mind to travel back through time and watch memories. Often the scenes I chose to view are uncomfortable and of times where I have been a source of disappointment, ridicule or simply a victim of the actions of another. It may seem strange to do so, but I have often found the hardest learned lessons are the ones I have learned the best. They are also the key to the successes.

For me it seems it is impossible to hide from the experiences of negativity. They will always manifest in one way or another, a harsh reaction, a phobia or a prejudice. To ignore them is to create a specter that follows and draws heavily on the strength of the mind when it is at its weakest. Perhaps this post is uncomfortable to read and may bring back such memories in the quiet moments for a reader, but it is worth bearing in mind that every negative aspect of life that is examined and learned from is a success. Every failing becomes a strength when it is not denied.

Armed with the lessons and scars of a past life and a willingness to confront flaws we can begin to achieve new heights and truly appreciate our efforts. There is much more to success than the simple act of gaining a reward, it is the balance of positive and negative.

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